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Soul Reading

with Katie
psychic guidance  &  medium communication
I cringe a little when I say I'm a Psychic Medium.  
I'd rather call myself a Modern Mystic.  
Many of my clients call me their Spiritual Advisor.  
Whatever you choose to call me, just know that I'm obsessed and in love with this craft! I get giddy when I talk about the magic and the 'woo' that is all around us and how it can help us! I live this way all day every day.  I feel into the guidance from my spirit tribe whether I'm picking out an outfit or choosing which grocery store to go to.  I ask for signs daily and I argue with my guides when the signs point in the opposite direction from what I want!
I have studied hard and have practiced a lot to feel comfortable enough to do justice to the messages that spirit so graciously gives. I have been fortunate to learn from some of the most influential and evidential Mediums of our time.  Anthony Mrocka and Lisa Williams have shaped my understanding of the craft and my expression of it.  I am forever grateful for their guidance as it is rooted in reality, sincerity and respect.
My particular passion is to shed a fresh and modern light on what this craft is all about.  We can learn so much and grow even more when we surrender to knowing there is a whole world beyond our traditional five senses.  I love helping to remind you that there's woo in you too.  

What to Expect

Katie is a professional Psychic, evidential Medium, supportive Spiritual Advisor, Intuitive Human Design reader and compassionate teacher. She will channel information from your soul as well as from your guides, angels, and past loved ones.  Her intention is always to allow spirit to use her voice in a way that will benefit you most at that time.   
The information spirit provides can help to uncover a deeper sense of clarity regarding your decisions, purpose, healing & overall soul development. Her belief is that during your session you will hear and feel exactly what you need to for the greatest good of all concerned.  
Katie surrenders to knowing that your journey is a beautifully orchestrated dance and you are guided and supported by the magic of the universe at all times.
what to expect

Smell the sea and feel the sky

let your soul and spirit fly

into the mystic

- Van Morrison



Katie is a natural born Medium.  Her connection to the spirit world was apparent even when she was a young child.  She often spoke of angels, past lives, and people she never met.  She would dream of events that came true and she knew of things before they happened. 


Even though her abilities have always been part of her life, it hasn't always been a graceful journey.  What makes Katie different is that she is skeptical of her abilities so she works hard to validate the information she channels so that the 'woo' is grounded in truth.

She believes there is magic in this world and it is her passion to share and spread that magic with as many souls as possible.  It is her belief that you will be guided to each other when the time is right.

About Katie


"I have had several readings with Katie and she is nothing short of amazing.  She has been spot on with the information she gets and along with her own intuition she gives very useful guidance and messages.  She is able to connect with those that are hard to reach and delivers her information in a positive and loving manner.  Not to mention she is just a cool person you will want to hang out with and be in her energy.  I can't recommend her enough."

— Kris (Gifted Reiki Master)

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